Thursday, November 02, 2006

On the Radio

I was listening to the 50,000 watt Blow Torch of the Midwest WLS AM and heard this most amazing anti-Jew political rant from the Jim Condit Jr. for Congress Campaign (Ohio 2nd).

The best thing we can do for Homeland security, ----- is arrest the head of Homeland Security.

Michael Chertoff is a traitor to America.

Descended from Russian Jews, a citizen of Israel, Chertoff is now an “American.”

Investigative Reporter Christopher Bollyn has proved in many articles that Chertoff and Israel are implicated neck-deep in 9-11. In August 2006, three mysterious Homeland Security-related plain-clothesmen trespassed onto Bollyn’s Illinois home, handcuffed then tasered him in front of his family, and took him to jail WITHOUT CAUSE.

We charge Chertoff is retaliating against Bollyn for his patriotic, honest reporting.

Furthermore, I charge that CHERTOFF, and the Criminal Neo-Con Jews around him, are planning a SECOND horrible, TERRORIST ATTACK against America, a phase II of 9-11, as an excuse to suspend the Bill of Rights.

Arrest Chertoff, free Christopher Bollyn. Go to “” -- --- Paid for by Jim Condit Jr. for Congress.
So who is Jim Condit Jr and what does he stand for?
* born in 1953 in Cincinnati, Ohio

* oldest of eleven brothers and sisters

* St. Margaret of Cortona grade school, 1959-1967

* St. Xavier High School, 1967-1971

* Xavier University, 1971-1974 (graduated from the HAB, i.e., Honors Bachelor of Arts program, with emphasis on Latin, Greek, philosophy, history, literature); as far as we know, Jim Condit Jr. was the only person in the history of the university to graduate from the HAB program in three years.

* In 1990, the precinct candidates under the banner of the Platform Republicans, followed the law and, due in part to a missed date by the old-line Republicans running headquarters, actually won the legal party county convention that year, and should have taken control of Hamilton County Republican Headquarters. The courts, all the way up to the Supreme Court, simply stole that victory from our "insurgent" group, which was known as the "Platform Republicans." The Ohio Supreme Court actually stated in their decision that the Platform Republicans were right "in law and in fact" -- but gave control of party headquarters to the old-line Republicans anyway.

* In 2002 became the first political candidate to reach the public over 50,000 watt radio stations with the message that the 9-11 cover story was false, and that the evidence pointed to unsettling conclusions, such as that controlled demolition had been used to bring down the WTC towers in NYC, as the airplane crashes and resulting jet fuel fires were completely insufficient to do so. Today, over one hundred university professors, retired military men, and former government officials are stating the same conclusions publicly at and other prominent websites, and there is also a rapidly growing list of published books, DVDs, and CDs blowing the lid off of the phony 9-11 cover story, which is still being used to push us towards World War III.

* In 2002, became the first candidate to predict on radio ads on major AM talk stations in the midwest that the Bush administration was going to invade Iraq, and later Iran and Syria (the latter two have not happened yet). This "amazing" prediction was done on the basis of documents from "The Project of the New American Century" (PNAC) and many other public documents and news items, many of which are now common knowledge.
What about the issues?
Jim Condit Jr. agrees with almost every line of the national platform of the Constitution Party, which can be found here:

This is not the only radio ad that his group has bought time for. Take this one for instance:
The same Zionist Jewish Crime Syndicate that controls the five major Big TV Networks, computerized election stealing, and which perpetrated 9-11 to attack Iraq – is frantically jailing those who expose it.

Arrested in Tennessee, writer and pacifist Ernst Zundel is being held in jail because he proved in a court trial that the World War II gas chamber story is false.

Best selling English historian David Irving is jailed in Austria, for a speech he gave in 1989 questioning aspects of the Hollywood version of the Holocaust. And scientist Germar Rudolph, arrested last year in Chicago, is in jail for a scientific experiment he did indicating that the Auschwitz gas chamber story is a lie.

Have you heard those despicable Zionist Jew sock puppets, Bush and Clinton, who are always lecturing us about freedom – protest these outrages? Of course, not. Zionist Jewish Power must be broken, to save these heroes, and to save America. For more go to, that’s Paid for by Jim Condit Jr. for Congress.
I think he is taking advantage of "must run" laws that control what kind of political ads a broadcast station can turn down around election time.

Not that this is a bad thing. I like knowing what people are up to. No better way to find out than to have such folks advertise on their own dime. (Does he get Federal Matching Funds?)


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

11 01 06

Buenos Dia de los Muertos M. Simon. Whoa, when I received this email alert from ya, I was floored! Then I stopped to think about it, and it is consistent with what I have been afraid of for quite some time. The polarization between haves and have nots, Arabs and Jews, and everyone else is reaching a climax and my biggest fears are being realized. Rather than bond together, as Americans, the dilineations are becoming more pronounced and we see these really weird alliances e.g. David Duke and the Saudis and some ultra con Blacks with ex KKKers. I am so very saddened to see AntiSemitism broadcast on the radio, and I am certain that this is not the last we will hear.

I appreciate you keeping me on your mailing list, and when I can I will plug your site because, painful as it is, you are doing a much needed job.

Take Care and I will visit again soon!

M. Simon said...

A link to Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden

linearthinker said...

From Condit's website, on why he's running as a write-in candidate,
...independents and third party candidates must usually achieve about 2500 valid signatures to make ballot status. This means that it costs between $5000 and $6000 to pay signature gatherers to gather enough valid voters' signatures to achieve ballot status. Either set of numbers is peanuts. He's a write-in because people in his district know he's a fringe party looney.

By the way, the neo-fascist anti-semites slash both ways...I've seen Rahm Emmanuel dissed because of alleged dual Israeli-American citizenship, service in the IDF and being an agent and tool of the Mossad. I was impressed. I thought he was only an obnoxious butt-boy for the Clintons.