Monday, December 06, 2004

How We Fight - Project Leatherneck

Here is an interesting article on how we fight. It covers a number of topics including Ambush,


and Green Troops

plus quite a few more.

Here is what to do when the enemy booby traps corpses.

'The enemy was known to booby-trap their own dead...The way to combat this...trick was to always use a covering team, which would aim at the suspected dead man while the search was being conducted...Then, if available, a rope...would be placed around the body so that it could be dragged off the grenade without killing any of the search team.

The last method used to search the dead was to physically pick up the body and...slam it back the grenade spoon time to fly and...using the body to absorb the explosion.'
Here is a bit about city fighting:
from: The Monk and the Marines

p107 'You find yourself moving down one side of a street being careful where you put your feet...all is quiet except for the clink of gear as the men move.'

Hat tip: Faust


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