Thursday, February 08, 2024

We Have a New President

Washington is acting like Trump has already been elected. He is starting his term a year early. Trump is now saying ALL States are in play. I have been seeing that for the last two weeks. He is talking of a Madison Square Garden Rally. No one doubts the win - the only question now is - HOW BIG?

The Ukraine aid strategy should reflect that. Because the politics already is. The sham "Bi-partisan" border effort no longer is. Even Mitch McConnell is voting against the first draft.

Maybe a standalone bill with nothing but arms transfers (no money) would pass. When it comes to Ukraine Aid focus on what can be done. The reason the Border/Ukraine Bill isn't going to pass isn't Trump (he is a rallying point). It is a bad bill that got shot down as soon as it was exposed (Do you wonder why it was hidden until Monday? I don't.). "Trump was doing much better with no Bill" is a difficult argument to beat as an evaluation. And SOB. It is true.

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