Saturday, September 02, 2023

A Second Emancipation

I was watching a post about how awful Trump is and I was getting into it with a Democrat commenter. This is some of what I had to say to him:

The current Ds are as corrupt as they come. I do support Biden's Policy on Ukraine. I oppose Russian Imperialism. Joe looked weak and Putin thought he could take advantage. Russians said so. They wouldn't have dared under Trump.

Why hasn't that (^&^&^@@(&%) done anything about the Drug War that is hurting Blacks? Trump at an awards dinner (around 1990) spoke out against the Drug War. I have hopes that in term2 he will end it. Trump don't like the CIA (Hunter's Laptop coverup). He is going to want to kill their cash cow. Joe is "punish Blacks 100 times more". And you know what gives me even more hope on that? Blacks flocking to Trump. He is going to want to give them something very big to solidify their support. For a thousand years. A second emancipation.

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