Tuesday, August 16, 2022

The Nature of Politics

Here is my short version. More explanatio below.

Abused children run the world. Hitler. Stalin. Putin.
Gangsters are abused children.
The God of abused children is Satan.
They are heartless.
Thus child traffickers. And everything else.

Abused Children run the world. - It is a matter of degree. Some are more vile than others. They got there because they crave Power and Control. Initially the craving starts out as a defense mechanism, but often transforms into revenge for beatings and molestings. Out of that comes mass murder.

Gangsters are abused children. - When I was associated with a gang, every member I talked to in detail was an abused child. That common bond helps create gangs.

The God of abused children is Satan. - The resemblence should be obvious.

They are heartless. - How else do you survive inflictions from 'loved ones' ?

Thus child traffickers. And everything else. - Any occupation where heartlessness is an advantage. It's just business.

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