Friday, November 11, 2011

Nobody Owes You A Living

There is a lot of talk about restricting imports in order to create jobs for Americans. I don't buy it.

Nobody owes you a living. And you know what happens when politicians control what is bought and sold? The first thing bought and sold is politicians. So objectively being for government controlled trade is to be in favor of crony capitalists. What? You thought I wouldn’t notice?

There is no eternal law that says workers who price themselves out of the market will keep their jobs. If the price of labor is high enough it makes sense to either outsource or get machines to do the job (which is what has happened to manufacturing labor – just as it happened to agricultural labor). Or go broke.
Municipal Bankruptcy.

Maybe we can get government to repeal the laws of supply and demand. Then wage rates can rise to any level you like and you will no doubt find customers very willing to pay what ever you ask. Unless they resort to smuggling. Or off the books deals. Both were common in the late stages of the USSR.

You want higher pay? Find a skill that is in short supply. My kids have figured this out. #3 son is 4th year EE and it looks like he has a job already lined up. My #1 daughter is 3rd year Chem E, an A student. I have no doubt she will have no trouble finding work when she graduates. #2 son graduated with honors from UChicago (my old school) in Russian language. He is currently working for AC Nielsen in Russia. The previous year he was teaching English language and American studies at a Russian University. #1 son is an artist (no family is perfect). But I do have something you may do that not very many know how to do. Learn how to program these chips:

Green Arrays

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