Friday, October 21, 2011

The Oscilloscope Arrived Yesterday

The Tektronix 475 Oscilloscope I ordered last Friday arrived yesterday at about 3:30 local time (2030z). I have had it on the bench since then testing it out. It was advertized as used and I must say it is well used. The Digital Voltmeter (the LED readout on top) appears to be defective. No great loss, although I was hoping to use the timing cursor to make time measurements. Oh. Well.

You will note that the trace is fuzzy. That is because the focus control appears welded in position. It is workable for now. It does synchronize with the signal provided by the 'scope (a 1 KHz test wave) as any good Tek should do (they are famous for their stable synchronizing ability).

It is going to need a trip to the tune-up shop (any suggestions for one in the Rockford area?) but for now it will suit my purposes. Thanks to all who donated to make this possible. Any money left over is going into my next project (board currently under design). I hope to be able to announce it in the next week or so.

My plan is to earn enough from that project to get the 'scope tuned up.

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Will Brown said...

Any hints on potential applications for your board design?

M. Simon said...