Monday, January 18, 2010


H/T Commenter simentt via e-mail who saw it at Karl Denninger's blog.

Karl Says:
My only comment: Youtube appears to have taken this down several times, but it keeps reappearing. I found several incantations along with people hosting the raw FLV file.

This appears to be created by some rather angry Democrats, and is one of the things I expected to start to see this year.

You better start listening to the people Washington. Youtube is today's version of handbills nailed to trees in the dark of night - in 1775. Ripping down the handbills does not make them go away when the people are pissed - it makes them multiply and the people begin to consider that the first box of freedom - speech - may no longer be effective.
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linearthinker said...

Powerful video, Simon.

Thank you.


Reposted as noted.