Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We Will Know In Two Years

Rick Nebel, the head of EMC2 Fusion (Polywell), has a few words to say in the comments at Next Big Future about the progress he is making in understanding The Polywell Fusion Reactor and its chances for power production.

I believe we will know the answer for the Polywell in ~ 1.5-2 years. I haven't looked at MSimons design, but I know he has a lot of good ideas. We'll probably take a closer look at D-D reactors over the next 2 years.
I'm honored Rick thinks that I have made some useful contributions to the advance of this technology.

What most excites me is that we will probably know in two years or less if this technology is viable. That is very exciting.

Bussard's IEC Fusion Technology (Polywell Fusion) Explained

Why hasn't Polywell Fusion been fully funded by the Obama administration?

If you want to learn more about the basics of fusion (Polywell is a little more complicated) may I suggest:

Principles of Fusion Energy: An Introduction to Fusion Energy for Students of Science and Engineering.

H/T Roger Fox via e-mail. You might want to have a look at Roger's video IEC Fusion for Dummies v5.7

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Linus said...

If you missed the climate change conference held by the US Chamber, click here http://www.friendsoftheuschamber.com/takeaction/index.cfm?ID=350 for a recap.

Roj said...

Simon you should note that I had asked Dr Nebel what he thought of your LN2 cooled WB design.

He said he didn't know about your design, and thats where the Simon has good ideas comment came in.

Dewald said...

I think the problem is waiting for administrations to fund this, they have others agendas.
We should setup / support open research efforts and get on with it.