Monday, December 08, 2008

We Ain't Bustin No White People

The guy speaking is Federal Marshall Matt Fog.

Here is a partial transcript (probably not exact but it gets the heart of the talk) starting from a little over one minute in and going for about 3 minutes:


The numbers are atrocious when you start talking about who the drug war is targeting and who actually goes to jail.

One story that I'm going to tell you real quick that made me bring it to reality when we were setting up our gun and drug and addiction task force over in DEA.

We were targeting cities like Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Washington, DC.

We would target like 7 or 8 cities and do these 90 day day dragnets where we try to go in swoop down on the communities and lock up as many people as we could.

So I raised the issue one day and there weren't too many African Americans that were in command level positions but I was in one of those and I said but look if we are going to do these dragnet operations what about Potomac? You think they use drugs out in Potomac? And it was like - And I said What about Springfield? And places like that? I was naming all these places. I'm thinking it is like an equal opportunity enforcement operation.

We going to attack drugs lets go get them all. Lets throw them all in jail. Lets do this thing right.

The supervisor the special agent in charge pulled me aside and he said Fog let me talk to you for a minute. Look here man.

And he said you know you are right. They do drugs out there.

And I said I know they do. According to the crime statistics they do more than we. They do more than people in the the inner cities.

He said to me. And you know what he said Fog you are right. Guess what man. We start locking these folks up. And he said you know what? We are going to get a phone call. And you know what that phone call is going to say? Shut it down. And guess what? There goes your overtime.

And man I'm going to tell you that it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Cause then I said man this is ethnic cleansing. I said now you got me being part of going into my neighborhood going after mine because I can't go out there because they know judges, lawyers, and congressmen. I said no that is not going to work here.

What we got to understand when we are talking about the community - but you have a right not to trust law enforcement. I hate saying that. I spent 30 years in it.

I had to fight bigots with badges working next to me.

This isn't right you hit him ten times and you didn't need to hit him ten times.

But Fog why should you care? We all making money. We doing well - it wasn't your son, it wasn't your daughter.


So there you have it from the mouth of a Federal Marshall. The Drug War is a program for putting colored folks in jail for profit. And surprise: according to Drug War History that was the design from the beginning.

It was never about the danger of drugs. That is a cover story. It was always about locking up minorities so cops would have jobs, Federal Marshalls would have jobs, prison guards would have jobs, judges would have jobs, lawyers would have jobs and taxpayers would get fleeced to pay for it all because of anti-drug hysteria whipped up by the government and a complicit media.

But the funny thing is (well maybe not so funny) as a friend of mine was saying in a phone conversation last night: "no one gives a damn". Now maybe "no one" is a little strong. Hardly any one is probably closer to the mark. But for all the "we are over the race thing in America" attitudes we are now congratulating ourselves about since the last election what are the real attitudes? "Just a bunch of n****** in jail. Pay it no mind. Besides drugs are bad m'kay?" But when drugs are easier for kids to get than beer you have to ask yourself - what is the real purpose of the policy? Obviously it is not about protecting the children.

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