Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stop Global Warming For Free

An easy low cost way of stopping global warming has been found.

All we have to do is keep the sun from having spots. Or at least greatly reduce their number thus weakening its output. It will cause a Little Ice Age.

So far it is working.

Now for the bad news. It seems volcanic eruptions follow solar output. High solar output correlates with fewer volcanic eruptions.

climatologist Cliff Harris and meteorologist Randy Mann, who, amongst other things, run a website called Long Range Weather, have created an absolutely marvelous long-term global temperature chart that wasn't in Gore's movie, and every climate alarmist in the media desperately hopes you never see it.
You can see the chart by clicking the link. It is very interesting.
...we believe that temperatures are beginning to cool again, particularly in north- central Canada where this summer there was only about 2 weeks between damaging freezes from late June into mid-July. One of our Harris-Mann Climatology clients went fishing between July 10-13 in northwestern Saskatchewan and reported "piles of ice" still on the ground in the region and temperatures close to the freezing mark.
Anecdotes are nice. How about some measurements?

How about a graph of earth temperatures. What does the graph show? Sharply declining temperatures with the current "global temp" equal to the global temp in 1940. So I guess reducing solar output is having the desired effect.

It looks like temps are going down very fast. We may need to burn a lot of coal just to keep warm. You don't suppose all this CO2 hysteria is a con, do you?


Buford Gooch said...

Also funny how global warming and cooling on Mars seems to reflect sunspot activity at the same rate as on earth. If "Global Warming" were real, and human induced, we would be bound to find human life on Mars.

rbl said...

I doubt if Mars has cooled; the Sun actually is a little cooler when the sunspots are higher. The reason that the earth cools if there's a long-term reduction in sunspots is thought to be an increase in clouds caused by cosmic rays.

rumcrook™ said...

global warming is just the latest war on prosperity in the western world and the capitalism that brings it. the other war by the socialists is more direct. an example is home loans for people who could never afford it. and then when it dragged down the rest of society blaming it on wallstreet greed.