Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Here is a round up of the skeletons in Obama's closet. I will be adding links as I find them. Check back.

Obama goes to Church.

A Black Supremacist Church

Ronald Kessler comments on Obama's Church

Kaus On Obama's Pastor

Just One Minute on Obama's Pastor

Hannity interviews Obama's Minister

Wright's Church gives Farrakhan an award - video

Sweetness and Light on Jeremiah Wright - with quotes

Atlas on Wright

Get Religion on Wright

Obama May Dump Wright for the General

Obama timeline

The Husaria has links and connections

Al Sharpton with Obama, with Clinton, with Edwards

Did Obama Practice Islam?

Obama does Kenya

Tribal Politics in Kenya

Islamic coup attempt in Keyna

Coup Plotter claims Obama as cousin

Coup Plotter - Islam Only True Religion

Jihad in Kenya

Baldilocks has a corrective On Kenya

Obama Backs Taliban Supporter

Obama exploits grievances

Chicago Tribune - Obama plays Chicago politics

Time Magazine flags a problem

Snopes flags the flag story - with video

Obama and Slumlord Tony Rezko

Obama Watch


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Thanks for doing this research. You might check out this Chicago Tribune story about his election to the state senate in 1996, getting everyone else thrown off the ballot and running unopposed.

baldilocks said...

Here's one for you, not necessarily directed at you.

al fin said...

Interesting. While the Kenya tribal warfare connection does not resonate with US voters, possible race-bias on Obama's part is a matter of grave concern.

His book "Dreams of My Father" suggests a type of race-consciousness that would make it hard for Obama to be the president of all Americans.

His choice of religious counselors (Jeremiah Wright) suggests more than a small streak of black separatist sentiment.

He's quite eloquent and charismatic and puts many people at ease. But beneath the veneer is another Obama that needs to be scrutinized closely.

To me, Obama is like an onion. No there there. Typical glad-handing politician who happens to be black.