Monday, June 25, 2007

When Only The Truth Is Allowed...

Some of the conspiracists over at Volokh were discussing the Bong Hits for Jesus" case that the Supreme Court decided. Basically they said that if you intentionally skip school and show up at a public event with a "Bong Hits for Jesus" sign a 10 day suspension for the sign is not unreasonable because school kids were expected to be at the public event as part of a field trip.

Trouble is people have no idea how bad drugs are.

Calling attention to them by public ridicule of the Drug War will not be tolerated in America.

In Canada telling the truth about drugs will get you thrown out of school.

Do you see what these drugs are doing? By their very nature they destroy free speech. All is not lost. I have a fix. We declare all discussion of the Drug War and why people take drugs illegal except for professionals licensed or authorized by the state. Fortunately the state has access to enforcers for just such problems.

When only the truth is allowed everyone will be able to speak freely.

Keep that thought in mind when you listen to music by some morning maniacs.

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Anonymous said...

You're shitting me right? Declare discussion illegal? Do you think anyone gives a fuck about drugs? Oh yeah, they really do. That's why they smuggle them into our country and make a killing off of busts. Shit, the fuckers sell drugs all day. Valium, Xanex, Vicodin. All of which are much more deadly than Marijuana could ever be even if you smoked 10lbs!!! Science my friend, science. Cigarettes and alcohol are great too cause they are the biggest drugs ever. Fuck the bullshit. It's all about money.

Sara N. said...

Drugs are a "bad" thing. They do kill people and ruin lives, but gutting the rights conferred on all of us by the First Amendment is worse. What makes you think that limiting the right to discuss the pros and cons of illegal drug use to governmental hand chosen "professionals" is a solution? Everyone will know that what they are dishing out is the official line and more often than not political influence and cash plays a greater hand in that than truth. The film "Reefer Madness" did more to promote marijuana use than Tim Leary.

M. Simon said...


It was a modest proposal.

i.e. Sarcasm