Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Bad Economy Deprives the Young

America? No. France? Well maybe, but no. Iran.

...Ahmadinejad, a former Tehran mayor who successfully portrayed himself as a populist presidential candidate, is wary of economic woes suffered by the young and has scant interest in causing more pain. Social freedoms are unlikely to be seriously cut back, they say, as the government struggles with its spiraling financial outlook and its nuclear challenge.

Food prices are climbing. Jobs are hard to find. Universities are strapped for cash, and educational horizons are limited.

Ahmadinejad promised economic reforms in his campaign, but in his first year in office, he has yet to produce a comprehensive plan for growth.
What do regimes in economic trouble typically do in such situations? They manufacture distractions.
...he has tried to make nuclear energy a point of national pride. Last month's announcement that Iran had achieved some uranium enrichment was broadcast as a television extravaganza.

He has made other gestures, which some analysts call negligible in substance, to lighten the Iranian mood.
Such moves often end in wars or revolutions. Let us hope for the latter over the former. The Iranian people deserve better than the government they are getting.

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