Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I had a dream

It appears that conservatives are about to get their immigration wet dreams fulfilled.

You will need to be in a government data base to get work or to hire workers.

Just like a national ID card without the card.

Talk about the mark of the beast.

Government as usual is preying on people's fears to increase its power.

I love it.

Money quote:

In August the Government Accountability Office reviewed that program and found it to be staggering under the weight of 3,600 employers (Pdf). Mandatory usage would bring that number to 8.4 million.

How does the government that brought you the prescription drug benefit debacle plan to manage an electronic system involving every employed person in these United States? The GAO needs a color-coded map to explain, but here is the basic summary: Employers send data for every new hire to DHS, which then sends information to SSA, which then sends information back to DHS, which sends info back to the employer, who can either contest any rejected applicants and begin the process anew, risk fines for not complying, or accept the findings. The burden of contesting mistakes and keeping records lies with employers. The cost, says the GAO, will be about $11.7 billion—annually—"with employers bearing much of the cost."

Another tax on business. Which will do a few things:

Make it more profitable to hire undocumented workers.

Create a black market in labor.

Encourage outsourcing.

This will be like Canadian gun registration. Only worse. That scew up went on for years until they scrapped that one.

The government is my union. It will protect me from low cost labor. For a small price. And power and control.

Reminds me of the story of the genie who offered an American a wish provided his Mexican neighbor got double what he asked for. The American was no fool. He told the genie “poke out one of my eyes.”

It looks like we are going to get a poke in the eye.

This is going to flush the economy. Just to punish those evil businesses that hire Mexicans.

Of course with the economy withering in America, Mexico’s economy will choke. Sending more folks to the north. A strategy so brilliant I wonder why no one has thought of it before. Ya, gota wonder why Bush opposes such a move.

Anybody with any sense would love to see our economy tanked if we can drive out the Mexicans.

Texas with a very large population of illegal Mexicans is thriving. How can that be?

And as for enforcing the old laws. Don’t matter. You are getting new ones.

BTW I wonder why are drug laws aren’t being enforced? There are 40 million druggies in America and only 1 million in jail. We need to punish those other 39 million. More laws and stronger penalties has always been the answer. The government always needs more tools.

Update: 27 May '06 0552z

More unfortunate effects of immigration law.

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