Monday, February 20, 2006

Capitalism Always Works

Conservatives do not believe it (other wise how to explain drug prohibition or anothter former conservative favorite alcohol prohibition.)

Liberals do not know it. (which explains their hostility to business - businesses do two bad things - they charge too much for goods and services and do not pay enough taxes)

Depressing, huh?


Anonymous said...

capitalism only works if you are willing to exploit someone either directly or indirectly

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

02 25 06

Well I dunno about that. There is something called win win negotiations. In a CATO Institute debate on trade liberalization in Africa, one thing was opening up more trade and the other was raising the people's standard of living so they could participate in global markets. I think both are beneficial. Capitalism is worldwide and it makes no sense for other countries to be ignorant about how it works. The Cato people had the right idea and apparently you do too, M. Simon;)

DWPittelli said...

I do not know if our 1920s experiment with Prohibition could be called a "conservative" impulse. It was just as much a product of the Progressive movement, and of women's suffrage.

"Prohibitionists viewed themselves as progressive reformers, not as conservatives. Frances Willard, leader of the WCTU for many years, sought solutions to poverty and unemployment, and by 1896 had declared herself a Christian Socialist. Prohibitionists were the only party that consistently endorsed national woman suffrage, and a substantial part of the party's convention delegates were women from the WCTU."

M. Simon said...


Billy Sunday.

jj mollo said...

M.Simon, This is a very insightful observation. I couldn't agree more and it is depressing. We somehow have to join the hemispheres of the political brain.

M. Simon said...


I have no idea how to go about the job.

What stands in the way on both sides is belief.

As some one once said: it is impossible to reason a man out of something he was never reasoned into.

Take my research into the nature of addiction. There is more than enough evidence for a look into policy if not a change. It is going on four years since my original articles. Silence.