Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hitting the Target

There is a lot of handwringing going on these days about the ability to take out the Irainian nuclear production facilities. It may not be too hard if instead of an Israeli one time strike America does it by a sustained bombing campaign of a week to a month. Here is how the targeting might be done:

Uranium enrichment requires a lot of electrical power. A lot of teflon too.

Adjust your targets accordingly.

If the electrical grid to the production facilities goes down, back up generation will be required. Back up generators produce heat. Look for it.

Significant plutonium production produces a lot of excess heat. Use the appropriate targeting devices.

The targets will not be hard to find. Hard to hit? Sure. Not too hard to find at all.

I had some thoughts on the issue of nukes and their proliferation at Joining the Club. JJ Mollo has some interesting links. And a mention of Babylon5. I also discuss Uranium Hexafloride and Teflon at Iran is asking for it.

Inspired by the discussion here. Which Instapundit linked to.

Update: 16 Jan '06 0927z

Chapomatic has an interesting discussion and links to more.

Update: 17 Jan '06 1602z

Hootsbuddy's Place has some comments on the subject. And some great links.


Hoots said...

Thanks for this.
My blog doesn't get much traffic, so you may not get any referrals, but I linked to your post this morning.
It illustrates how aptly your blog is named. Very much on point and timely as well.

Chap said...

Came here from the Officers Club link. Interesting points.

By any chance were you a submariner, or a surface nuke?

M. Simon said...

Surface nuke.

Training A1W.

Duty DLG (N) - 25 The Bainbridge.

Final Historian said...

The problem with taking out Iran's power grid is that the average Iranian would suffer the most from this. It could easily be used to direct anger against the US, and poison their minds against us for quite a while.

Anonymous said...

Historian, it wouldn't pose a problem to the ordinary people if you took out the substation (which I suspect is substantial) to the facility itself. The part that WOULD have an adverse effect on the populace is a strike on the plutonium itself.

Chap said...

My first department head was a Bainbridge guy (I started surface nuke, then shifted over to sub ops when I went officer). Name of Reddix. We loved the guy. He was not too happy about being on a precom carrier, as far as us nubs could tell.

Back to the subject: Sure is a conveeenient plane crash last week, with the IRGC ground CDR and the intel guy and the staff dying off...

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