Monday, October 10, 2011

Conservatives Are Really Progressives?

Right wing (without a doubt) magazine Human Events makes the case using the Ken Burns movie "Prohibition" as a springboard that Prohibition was a Progressive project. I think there is no doubt about that.

But I wonder. Since Prohibition is a Progressive Project why do so many "Conservatives" these days support its modern day variant, "Drug Prohibition" ?

Progressivism in America is not a Party. It is a state of mind.


Chuck said...

Because alcohol is not a narcotic. Other than that, no reason at all.

Will Brown said...

Because Statism is not political party specific. The Democrats were the dominant political party when alcohol was banned, the Republicans when (much of) the rest of the pharmacopia was.

I'm tempted to offer that, once something (like prohibition) becomes the status quo anti through passage of time, it becomes conservative to retain it, but the basic argument is just too silly - legislative prohibition progresses state power, regardless of individual party affiliation.

M. Simon said...

Alcohol not a narcotic? That will be news to the falling down drunk. If they ever wake up.



You point about conservatives conserving progressive initiatives was most amusing.