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Veteran's PTSD Treatment Currently Inadequate

The New York Times reports.

Drugs widely prescribed to treat severe post-traumatic stress symptoms for veterans are no more effective than placebos and come with serious side effects, including weight gain and fatigue, researchers reported on Tuesday.

The surprising finding, from the largest study of its kind in veterans, challenges current treatment standards so directly that it could alter practice soon, some experts said.

Ten percent to 20 percent of those who see heavy combat develop lasting symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, and about a fifth of those who get treatment receive a prescription for a so-called antipsychotic medication, according to government numbers.

The new study, published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, focused on one medication, Risperdal. But experts said that its results most likely extend to the entire class, including drugs like Seroquel, Geodon and Abilify.

“I think it’s a very important study” given how frequently the drugs have been prescribed, said Dr. Charles Hoge, a senior scientist at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, who was not involved in the study but wrote an editorial accompanying it. He added, “It definitely calls into question the use of antipsychotics in general for PTSD.”
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Maybe this explains the recent FDA approval of a study of the effectiveness of marijuana for the treatment of PTSD. Of course the DEA hasn't given its stamp of approval to the study so it is only a paper study so far. Despite the fact that information like this has been around for over 5 years: PTSD and the Endocannabinoid System.

I look forward to my statist social conservative friends screaming bloody murder to our government because our vets are not getting the best treatment known to man (so far) for the condition. Say. Who am I kidding? What am I smoking? Fighting dopers is way more important than treating our veterans. Or other victims of PTSD. Like abused children. Letting abused children suffer is OK as long as it keeps one doper from getting his dope. After all it is for the children. So I'm told. Like every day lately by a certain friend of mine.

So what religion is in the trenches fighting this injustice? The Damn Jews. Reform Jews had a year of outreach on the subject of medical marijuana.
"...members cited Jewish tradition as well as contemporary medicine. "According to our tradition," read the resolution, "a physician is obligated to heal the sick." The resolution cited Maimonides as the Talmudic authority. Less authoritative for the association was the state of research on medical marijuana."
And the Orthodox? They are selling the stuff. Like Einstein I'm not much of a Jew. And like him I am very proud to be a part of the Jewish tradition.

Heck even the Ron Paul site likes the Jews on this one. What you are about to read next will probably stir a LOT of cognitive dissonance. It did for me. BTW it is spelled Mitzvah buddy. You should have had a Jew give your article a once over.
Both Orthodox and Reform Jews believe Marijuana is a Mitvah. A Mitvah holds all the weight of the commandments. A Jew is Obliged to Disobey the Law to fulfill a Mitvah as a mandate of the faith.

Marijuana must be rescheduled to schedule 3 per Federal Law, yet the Republican leadership through the Attorney General , Secretary of State, and President and Party Platform have continued to pursue a draconian policy straight out of the inquisition.

Marijuana is NOT a 3rd Rail Issue. The Party Leadership have however been brainwashed and pursue that perfiduous programming with great zeal completely ignoring and distorting Federal Law. While Frankly Torturing and Murdering Sick People
And that Federal rescheduling he talks about? That would be the proper response to the DEA Judge Young Decision.

I'm still wondering about all that Judeo-Christianity I have heard so much about. From what I see there is a lot of Judeo and not much Christianity. Perhaps the Anointed One will come back and fix what He started.

H/T Drug Policy Forum of Texas

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