Sunday, September 11, 2011

Race War In Chicago

My #2 son (the U Chicago graduate) sent me a link to this Chicago Reader article on Drug Prohibition in Chicago.

Yes, marijuana is illegal. Yet studies show—and come on, everybody knows—that it's widely used by all racial groups. By and large, however, black people are disproportionately getting busted for it.

The ratio of black to white arrests for marijuana possession in Chicago is 15 to 1, according to a Reader analysis of police and court data. And by the time the cases make their way through the court system, the gap widens even further: the ratio among those who plead or are found guilty is 40 to 1.

Here's another way to look at it: almost nine of every ten people who end up guilty of possessing marijuana in Chicago—86 percent, to be precise—are black men.

The racial gap has become so glaring that Cook County Board president Toni Preckwinkle says something has to change, if only because taxpayers can't afford to continue arresting, detaining, and prosecuting low-level marijuana offenders. In an interview last week, Preckwinkle, for the first time, said what no other high-ranking local official has dared: "I think we should decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana, that's for sure."

Preckwinkle added that she recently told Chicago police superintendent Garry McCarthy to "stop arresting people for small amounts of drugs, because you're wasting our time."
The money quote from the article:
Defense lawyers say police wouldn't dare treat whites the way they treat blacks.
One of the members of the DPFT list left a comment at Power and Control discussing Harry Anslinger and how he just about single handedly started World Wide Drug Prohibition. Here is a taste:
Anslinger kept the focus on blacks and Mexicans and used White kids as victims. It was a perfect strategy. Racism was very much alive and overt in the 1930s.

The drug crusaders have followed Anslinger's lead down to this very day.

Incidentally, a good deal of the history of drug prohibition is found in Harry Anslinger's perjury to Congress. Anslinger is the FATHER of modern drug prohibition. Harry the liar was the responsible party in creating the penalties, set the drugs to be banned and as a parting gift saddled the world with the Single Convention Treaty. Ansligner had marijuana classed as a "narcotic" to include it in his drug war plan.

Ansligner was a master propagandist and was well trained in the art of deception. His major interest was to preserve the Commission on Narcotic Drugs he ran. Later he seemed to want to leave a legacy of lies by expanding his lunatic schemes world-wide.
Anslinger's lies have stood for 74 years. With Black complicity I might add. Until now.

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