Wednesday, September 07, 2011

NAACP: End The Drug War

Here is some news I missed. The NAACP is calling for an end to the Drug War.

The so-called war on drugs has been a failure of colossal proportions — from both racial and preventive standpoints — and the NAACP passed a resolution demanding President Obama and Congress end the program altogether.

The overall message of the resolution is captured by its title: A Call to End the War on Drugs, Allocate Funding to Investigate Substance Abuse Treatment, Education, and Opportunities in Communities of Color for a Better Tomorrow.

“Studies show that all racial groups abuse drugs at similar rates, but the numbers also show that African Americans, Hispanics and other people of color are stopped, searched, arrested, charged, convicted, and sent to prison for drug-related charges at a much higher rate,” stated Alice Huffman, president of the California State Conference of the NAACP. “This dual system of drug law enforcement that serves to keep African-Americans and other minorities under lock and key and in prison must be exposed and eradicated.”
The Drug War is the last great bastion of racism in America. When it ends - if the Republicans are not in the lead to end it - the prospects for Republicans will be dim for a decade or three. I'd hate to see that happen. If Obama does it he will probably do it as a "Hail Mary". He needs one badly.

Get on the stick guys before the "racism" label has some valid ammunition behind it.

Plus there are other issues especially for the TEAs:

I never noticed a Prohibition Amendment. Except for Alcohol.


Get with the program before the program gets you.

Also see Blacks In Government: End Drug Prohibition

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