Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Integrity Failure Cascade

Jeff Id is looking into integrity failures in Climate Science. Which reminded me of a job I once did.

Integrity failure cascades are not unfamiliar to me. As a contractor I see a LOT of that.

At one company that shall remain nameless I encountered the following.

1. A poorly designed circuit board that did not follow design rules for its logic components. Lines at least double the maximum length.
2. I pointed this out. Showed the people (managers, engineers) the references.
3. The company men pointed out that the prototypes were working fine and I was just being an “old lady” about the matter. Besides it would cost $100K (because of the burn rate) and one month to do a new spin. Customers wouldn’t like the delay.
4. Ten pre-production prototypes were built and they worked perfectly – boy were they laughing at my unwarranted concern. The rest of my work was excellent so they just wrote off my concern as “engineering perfectionism”.
5. Production started – 90% production failure rate. That is when I left. They wanted me to stay on to work production to get the pass rate up. I declined.
6. Of those that passed production tests 99% failed in the field
7. They lost $3 million on that one and it cost them a lot of customer good will.


You can only violate the rules so long until it comes back to bite you.

I think the lack of integrity in climate “science” will follow a similar path. The wheels are already starting to come off. Only big wobbles for now. But it won’t be long before the wobbles turn into collapse.

I will then have another opportunity to LMAO. I’m looking forward to it.

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