Saturday, September 17, 2011

For Sale?

From Jesus Saves. Moses invests. Aleister Crowley changes the world.
Led Zeppelin is Satanic to the core. In the song "Houses of the Holy," Robert Plant (lead singer) speaks of Satan's daughter and making her garden grow (a sexual reference). The album cover displays naked women crawling towards the top of the temple. It's sickening in the name of decency. Anyone who denies the occult inspiration of Led Zeppelin's music is woefully deceived.
I have studied Crowley myself to excellent effect. I must add that Crowley designed his work to enhance any inherent tendencies you may have. If you lean to the Dark Side he will help you to the Black. If you want the light he will help you Shine like a Thousand Suns. "Every man and woman is a star."

The Book Of The Law

Magick In Theory and Practice [pdf]

Magick in Theory and Practice - from Amazon

May I especially recommend the Banishing Ritual on page 291 of the pdf. I used it to great effect to banish some evil spirits which had been vexing me for a long time. Of course if you understand the work you can design your own rituals. Something I used to do with a group called Panthea in Chicago. Funny enough the leader of the group, Christa Heiden Landon, was ordained as a Unitarian Universalist Minister. I used to drive her around the Chicago area when she needed to give a sermon at a Unitarian Church as part of her training for the ministry.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Love is the law, love under will

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