Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sex Banned From Swingers Club

In theory it is a zoning issue. Sex banned from Pasco swingers club. The article is of some interest. But the comments are more interesting. A lot of imagining going on about police tactics that led to the dispute. This comment was typical.


I wonder how many "undercover" visits were required by these law enforcement officers! Im guessing a lot more than has been reported wink wink...It's like when they arrested Pee Wee Herman in an adult movie theatre...12 cops hanging out watching porn all day...tough work, but at least our tax money is being well spent protecting us from these harmless criminals. Whatever happened to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? These people are harming no one (except potentially themselves). If they are not disturbing others rights then I see no justification for any government entity dictating how people should live their lives. It's ridiculous and insulting at the same time.
I forgot to mention the State this happened in. Florida.

So is Florida going libertarian? Stranger things have happened.

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Jessica Taylor said...

I am a single female and heard about at a swinger's event. It's supposed to be a site where you can upload your videos and hook up with people in classifieds and stuff.... Is anyone on there? Any experiences, suggestions, ideas?