Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Hey - Don't They Know I'm Jewish Too?

Police in Israel mistakenly break into a swingers party while chasing some pot growers.

The volunteer police officers raided Moshav Beit Hanan in central Israel, finding a hydroponic marijuana growing operation and two suspects, reports Yaniv Kubovich at Haaretz.

The suspects took off on foot and the police gave chase, all the way to a closed area where they stumbled upon dozens of scantily clad party-goers.

A brief investigation revealed that the turned-on revelers were in the throes of a swingers' party.

The red-faced police made their excuses and quickly left, with the two pot suspects in custody.
I know it is long distance but I didn't even get a courtesy invite.

And I'll bet the clothed pot growers were easy to find among all that flesh. If the police didn't get distracted.


Justthisguy said...

Well, M, guys of your patrimony _are_ famous for being horndogs, as I'm sure you know, and as Rep. Weiner emphasized so scandalously lately, with the pic of the Weiner Wiener. Try not to scare the Gentiles too much, mmmkay?

M. Simon said...


My Mom tells me it is especially bad on the male side of the family.

She also told me my aunt was working for a PI when I was growing up - investigating a group of Jewish swingers.

It is a nice fantasy but I fail in one very important respect. I am not interested in having sex with some one I'm not in love with and who is not in love with me.

I might like to watch though.