Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Guns And The Drug War

With Project Gunwalker so much in the news these days it is rather surprising to me that the 2nd Amendment Community is not up in arms (heh) about the Drug War. The biggest threat to gun ownership (at least according to those who initiated the Gunwalker Project) is the Drug War. And yet the silence from the gun rights community is deafening.

Here is a bit Posted by Ann Barnhardt - June 17, AD 2011 9:54 AM MST where the author tiptoes around the issue.

Gunwalker never, ever had ANYTHING to do with drug enforcement or stopping the cartels. NOTHING. The reason that the Obama regime, which we all know is a treasonous Marxist-totalitarian enemy force, executed the Gunwalker program was to create optics (lots of dead Mexican civilians, dead Mexican law enforcement, dead Mexican military and dead Americans) that they could then use to justify the elimination of the Second Amendment via the U.N., specifically the Small Arms Treaty. ATF insiders have reported that the Obama regime was "giddy" that Mexicans were being killed by Gunwalker firearms. This is because these people are Marxists, and as I have said here repeatedly, Marxists lie and murder human beings as policy. Marxists believe that human life has no intrinsic value and that human beings are object pawns that can be used and exterminated without compunction in order to further their own goals and increase their own power. In this case, the goal is to disarm the people of the United States so that the Marxist-Obamaist regime can seize totalitarian, dictatorial power, overthrow the Constitution, and establish a global power matrix. This disarmament will be achieved (or so they think) by using the meme of American omni-culpability. In other words, everything is OUR FAULT.

"See? These Mexicans are dead because of weapons sourced in the U.S. If it weren't for the U.S. and the Second Amendment, none of this would have happened."

Yeah, except the Obama regime specifically handed the weapons in question to the Mexican cartels, and then explicitly FORBADE the ATF agents from interdicting them.
Implicitly she recognizes the threat. Explicitly? Not a fookin word.

Why? I suppose it is because beating up dopers is such a popular sport in America. And why not? Currently Jews are out of season.

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