Thursday, June 09, 2011

Body Shots

The first mate and I were trying out a digital camera she had after getting a larger memory card for it. She wanted to try something a little risque - which is unusual for her. I usually have to use Jewish foreplay on her for things like that. I got her to tone it down some ("pull the jacket in a little tighter") and then I only took a body shot of her. She saw the pictures and said to the effect, "No head? Must be a porno affectation." Well I do like pictures of naked women and sometimes even body parts. My mate knows me. But I explained to her, "No. It is for your safety. These things have a way of getting out." And so we copied the pictures (both of them) on to the computer and deleted them from the memory card. We thought.

Well. She went to get some pictures printed and what are the first two that show up on the screen? Yep. You guessed it. Well this mostly shy woman was mortified. Subsequently I deleted the pics from the chip another way and they no longer show up on the chip.

With Weinergate now in the news she is so glad I made her tone it down and only do a body shot.

Kids. Let this be a lesson to you. Or not. After all I do like looking at pictures of naked women. Especially pictures of naked women with faces.

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