Tuesday, November 02, 2010

O'Donnell Could Win? You Betcha!

Christine O'Donnell could win in Delaware. Yeah. The woman almost every one has written off could be a winner tonight. If so the "tsunami" could very well turn into an asteroid hit for the Democrats. My "official" prediction of Rs taking 65 seats from the Ds could turn out low. Maybe way low. I believe the record for seats changed is 124. We could be in that kind of territory.

Most polls have predicted that the closely watched Delaware Senate race between Democrat Chris Coons and Republican tea-party favorite Christine O’Donnell was going to be anything but close. One poll last week had Mr. Coons up by 10 points, while all the others gave him a far more comfortable margin.

But Democrats in Delaware remain skittish.

In a noon email alert to supporters, Coons campaign manager Christy Gleason said close monitoring of voter turnout in the state’s 41 representative districts showed “lower turnout in New Castle and Kent counties than we’re comfortable with.”

To win, Mr. Coons will have to get heavy support from Democrats and independents in New Castle, the state’s most populous county. In the primary, Ms. O’Donnell drew heavy support from the state’s other two counties, Kent and Sussex, which skew more to the right.
I think this calls for a voter report from my polling place in Illinois-16 (Don Manzullo [R] territory). What I saw today at 11:30 CDT (16:30z) was definitely a very large turn out for a mid-term election. Long lines before lunch (we wanted to go then to beat the crowds - it didn't work out that way - heh).

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Kathy K said...

Good turnout in my area today (fairly crowded in my precinct when polls opened - my time to go). Newspapers reporting good turnout elsewhere also. And have had pretty steady early voting, from all reports. But my county is pretty solidly Republican - so I can't speak for the left (east) side of the state.