Thursday, November 04, 2010

Mark Kirk A Closet Libertarian?

Libertarian Republican reports on an astonishing statement by Illinois Senator Elect Mark Kirk.

"Tonight I stand before you as a fiscal conservative, a social moderate, and a national security hawk."
Wow! Another addition to the libertarian wing of the Republican Party. Libertarian Republican goes on to say:
Congratulations to the new Republican Senator from the State of Illinois, from the fiscally conservative, socially moderate, national security hawk wing of the GOP.

Note - Kirk is a 20-year Veteran of the United States Military.

See - Breitbart Video of Kirk's victory speech.
Another video for your amusement: Gonna Win - We're Taking Over.

I first became a Libertarian in 1988 when I voted for Ron Paul for President. By 2000 I had been Secretary/Treasurer of the local Libertarian club for 3 years. The 9/11 "event" caused me to become a libertarian Republican because the Libertarian Party was nuts on national defense.

We have come a long way baby. From a fringe movement to regular mentions in the national press. Along with a few Senators and Congressmen. I hope to live long enough to see a libertarian Republican President.

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RavingDave said...

Well, you're moving in the right direction. :) If the trend continues, eventually you'll be a conservative. (smile)


M. Simon said...

My politics hasn't moved much in 30 years.

My last big change came on 9/11 when I found the Libertarians to be stupid on national defense. So I joined the libertarian wing of the Republicans. Not a big jump.

I will never, ever be a conservative. They are statists. And I don't care much for statists.

I expect it more likely you will become a libertarian: you know - small government type. Not one of those "small government, except for..." types.

Take social issues out of the hands of the government and return them to the people.

BTW did you know that I support:

Rockford Pro Life

Because they want to do something about abortion without passing laws. Met 'em at a TEA Party. Turns out several of the members are friends of the family. They were at the TEA Party.

Tom Grey said...

Well, I became a Lib for Ed Clark against Reagan in 1980, also voted for David Bergland in 1984 (never voted for Reagan), then supported Russell Means over Ron Paul at the Lib 1988 (in 87) convention, because I wasn't so keen on Ron's pro-life Christianity.
At the time.
Now I'm a much bigger supporter of Christianity, but also for a bigger Free Trade yet anti-threat foreign policy.

M. Simon said...

Ron Paul was my introduction to voting Libertarian. I can't remember the lady's name (she died in the last year or so) but she was one of the big names in Illinois Libertarianism - papered over the Ron Paul/abortion thing well enough for me to vote for him.

In time I have come to accept the moral argument. But as a practical matter it fails on enforcement grounds.