Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Traditional Values

I have a commenter at Classical Values who keeps pestering me about traditional values. Well I'm totally into American traditional values. Smaller government. Hack away at the barnacles, restrictions, encrustations, negative value activities, and other such flim flammery. And it gets no new powers until the serious hacking is not just underway but entrenched.

There is no Constitutional Amendment supporting national drug prohibition. Let us end it at least Federally. And if women want abortions well what are you going to do? Create another black market? But the government shouldn't be paying for it either. In fact the whole Health Care Law recently passed is a bridge too far. I don't want to see it fixed. I want it repealed. Then we need to look to partially (for now) privatizing social security. For starters.

So I'm all for traditional values. And the quintessential American value? Mind your own business. So you can see that I'm a traditional values American in the truest sense.

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