Saturday, October 09, 2010

Is This October? I'm Surprised

What really surprises me this October is that the October surprises are coming so early in October.

The normal time for them is the Friday before the election. Certainly no more than a week before the election. You don't want to give too much time for counter battery fire.

I think the Democrats are panicked. Bad panicked. Pissing, crapping, moaning in the fetal position panicked. When the troops get disorderly it is no longer just a defeat, it is a rout. Everything they do makes it worse and they are terrified of doing nothing.

How will it all end? Republicans at 100+ House seats is looking better every day.

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Neil said...

Contrarian that I am, I usually fade the generally-held opinion. This time, though, the establishment politicians are acting like men already defeated, while the Tea Party candidates and organization are acting like men (in the gender-neutral sense) who can't lose.

When I see a disparity in morale like that, it's time to throw contrarianism out the window.