Sunday, October 24, 2010

Getting A Hold

It is a good thing that many Americans have a low tolerance for Moral/Cultural Socialism. It will make it harder for Sharia to get a hold on the country.

Conversely every place we allow government to act is another place it can act differently later. And often does.

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Tom Cuddihy said...


Sharia would have a solid grip on this country long before the libertines started noticing any inconveniences to their way of life.

You want evidence, just look to the Netherlands, Sweden, or Denmark today. By the time the libertines pulled the heads out of the sand, it was too late, the proportions of "Muslims" in society is too high and too fecund to ignore or deport.

This why you see Pim Fortuyn dead and Geert Wilders on trial.

Unlike Christians, Muslim fundamentalists don't have any qualms about keeping quiet about societal immorality, becuase Islam and especially sufism that modern Islamism is based on, allows many forms of taqqiya, including pretending to ignore societal immorality, until it is too late for the dhimmi to object.