Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Poor Babies

It looks like a the big cheese in an Islamic terrorist plot to kill a lot of New Yorkers on 9/11 2009 has dropped the dime on his mates. Interesting but not unusual.

This is unusual:

Fordham University School of Law Professor James Cohen said Zazi represents a cautionary tale. He said Zazi, like other Muslims, felt isolated and unhappy with the actions of the United States around the world and its perceived favoritism of Israel.

"They are feeling left out and are very angry about it," Cohen said. "That's what we have to come to grips with. An identifiable part of the Muslim population is willing to do just about anything in terms of suicide bombings. Believe it."
So, they are planning (and in some cases carrying out) mass killings because they feel left out?

What a bunch of wimps.

What ever happened to bringing back the Caliphate and ruling the world? A tad too ambitious perhaps? Evidently considering the scaled back goals if not methods. My suggestion for incipient bombers? Go back to your mommas.

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