Wednesday, February 03, 2010

How Did The T Party Do Last Night In Illinois?

Here is a list of the T Party candidates:

GOP Primaries:
Adam Andrzejewski - for Governor
About 15% in a race where the top vote getters got 20%. Not bad. But he came in 5th.

Don Tracy - Lt. Governor
About 11% - 3rd place

Jason Plummer - Lt. Governor
About 34% - 1st place so far. Second place has 33% of the vote.

Kathleen Thomas - United States Senate
About 7% - 4th place.

John Arrington - United States Senate
About 3% - 6th place.

Bobby Schilling - United States House

Not a bad night for T Party Candidates in the first election in Illinois in which the T Party was a real factor. It looks very likely that Jason Plummer will be the Republican Candidate for Lt. Governor. He is ahead by about 7,000 votes.

Let me add that I saw Dave Winters on the tube. Dave is a local Democrat in State Government and he was talking like a Republican - lower taxes, less regulation, lower the cost of workers comp., make Illinois more business friendly. He said Illinois was losing jobs to Indiana and Wisconsin. I think the hand writing is on the wall. And I liked his punk haircut.

You can check The Chicago Sun Times for the latest preliminary results. The results are not final until the State certifies them.

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