Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A New Theory Of Electrodynamics

I have just sent this out to a group of physicists and scientists to see if it has any merit.

Here is the cover letter I sent:
George Miley of U Illinois, Champaign is involved.

I am passing this on after a cursory review. It was published yesterday. Please give it 5 minutes before you give up. The speed of light bit in the beginning was off putting for me. But it gets explained better later. The equations at first glance are compelling. They are better covered in the second 5 minutes. I'm going to review it more carefully with multiple stops to get a better feel. This is rapid fire and not typical lecture speed.

I'm more at home with engineering but I am at least conversant with all the material presented. I have also introduced the video to Lubos Motl to see what he thinks.
It will be interesting if anything comes of it.

Here are some of the documents in the video:

Evidence of Cold Fusion?

Impulse Gravity Generator?

Gravitomagnetic Field of a Rotating Superconductor
and of a Rotating Superfluid [pdf]

Researchers now able to stop, restart light

The Control of the Natural Forces by Frank Znidarsic [pdf]

BBC News - Boeing tries to defy gravity

Quantum Chemistry - McQuarrie


Tapping the Zero Point Energy

H/T jlumartinez at Talk Polywell


Indrek Mandre said...

Wow. This is a new low for you. Very sad.

M. Simon said...

Interesting doesn't mean right. I'm a sceptic. But an interested sceptic.

And the physicists I sent it to are aware of Miley's work in the Polywell/Farnsworth area.

Does it have some merit? Maybe at points. Maybe it will get others thinking. Maybe it is useless.

And BTW I am conversant with quantum electrodynamics. But like Feynman I find it unsatisfying.

Cold Fusion? It is regularly replicated.

Anti-gravity drives? You might want to look at the Mach-Einstein Conjecture.

Einstein didn't like spooky action at a distance. He invented it. So the fact that you don't like it is proof of nothing one way or another.

Anonymous said...

This is classic Msimon.

You just mentioned yourself, Feynman, and Einstein in the same post.

"And BTW I am conversant with quantum electrodynamics. But like Feynman I find it unsatisfying."

Oh my god. Just because you read Feynman's little bestseller does NOT mean you know anything about QED. Try reading J.J. Sakurai.

While you're at it, you might want to visit the
Crackpot Index
and realize just how high of a score you tally.

You are pure, walking hubris.

M. Simon said...


You aren't keeping up.

EPL (Europhysics Letters)

Can the Tajmar effect be explained using a modification of inertia?

M. E. McCulloch

School of Physics, University of Exeter - Stoker Road, Exeter, EX4 4QL, UK, EU and Marine Science & Engineering, University of Plymouth - Drake Circus, Plymouth, PL4 8AA, UK, EU

received 4 September 2009; accepted
in final form 3 December 2009 published online 5 January 2010

Abstract – The Tajmar effect is an unexplained acceleration observed by accelerometers and laser gyroscopes close to rotating supercooled rings. The observed ratio between the gyroscope and ring accelerations was 3±1.2×10−8. Here, a new model for inertia which has been tested quite successfully on the Pioneer and flyby anomalies is applied to this problem. The model assumes that the inertia of the gyroscope is caused by Unruh radiation that appears as the ring and the fixed stars accelerate relative to it, and that this radiation is subject to a Hubble-scale Casimir effect. The model predicts that the sudden acceleration of the nearby ring causes a slight increase in the inertial mass of the gyroscope, and, to conserve momentum in the reference frame of the spinning Earth, the gyroscope rotates clockwise with an acceleration ratio of 1.78±0.25×10−8 in agreement with the observed ratio. However, this model does not explain the parity violation seen in some of the gyroscope data. To test these ideas the Tajmar experiment (setup B) could be exactly reproduced in the Southern Hemisphere, since the model predicts that the anomalous acceleration should then be anticlockwise.

M. Simon said...

Let me add:

Introduction. – The Tajmar effect is a small unexplained acceleration observed in accelerometers and laser gyroscopes close to supercooled rotationally accelerated rings of niobium, aluminium, stainless steel and other materials [1–3]. The effect is similar to the Lense-Thirring effect (frame-dragging) predicted by General Relativity, but is 20 orders of magnitude larger. The effect has not yet been reproduced in another laboratory.

Note: it does not say another laboratory failed. So the question is still open.

Neil said...

OK, I haven't really dug into this yet, but if I'm understanding it correctly it boils down to the following:

In any medium where the speed of light is equal to the speed of sound, Maxwell's equations governing light and electro-magnetism can be extended to cover gravity, inertia, and the strong and weak forces. Thus, we've got a Unified Theory of Everything that can be understood by Physics 102 students.

The corollary here is that within such a medium, you can use electrons to control (or electrons become?) gravity and matter and vice-versa, much like electrons can become photons or photons can become electrons in appropriate silicon devices.

Among the implications are cold fusion, artificial gravity, flying cars, interstellar space travel, etc.