Sunday, January 24, 2010

Homogenized Sea Level Rise - Another IPCC Fraud

Christoper Booker at has discussed sea level rise predicted by climate models (I hope they are cute) with an expert on sea levels, Swedish geologist and physicist Nils-Axel Mörner.

One of his most shocking discoveries was why the IPCC has been able to show sea levels rising by 2.3mm a year. Until 2003, even its own satellite-based evidence showed no upward trend. But suddenly the graph tilted upwards because the IPCC's favoured experts had drawn on the finding of a single tide-gauge in Hong Kong harbour showing a 2.3mm rise. The entire global sea-level projection was then adjusted upwards by a "corrective factor" of 2.3mm, because, as the IPCC scientists admitted, they "needed to show a trend".

When I spoke to Dr Mörner last week, he expressed his continuing dismay at how the IPCC has fed the scare on this crucial issue. When asked to act as an "expert reviewer" on the IPCC's last two reports, he was "astonished to find that not one of their 22 contributing authors on sea levels was a sea level specialist: not one". Yet the results of all this "deliberate ignorance" and reliance on rigged computer models have become the most powerful single driver of the entire warmist hysteria.
And from a little earlier in the story:
Despite fluctuations down as well as up, "the sea is not rising," he says. "It hasn't risen in 50 years." If there is any rise this century it will "not be more than 10cm (four inches), with an uncertainty of plus or minus 10cm". And quite apart from examining the hard evidence, he says, the elementary laws of physics (latent heat needed to melt ice) tell us that the apocalypse conjured up by Al Gore and Co could not possibly come about.
I guess the homogenization method for adjusting the data is not all it is cracked up to be. But OK. Suppose. Just suppose the actual trend was 2.3 mm a year. That is 9.2" a century. If you were by the oceans and laid down by the mean high tide level and stayed there for 100 years (how is that different from dead?) you would have a good chance of dying from drowning from a 9 inch rise if you didn't move. Of course tidal variations might get you first.

So if sea level rise worries you. Don't live near the coast. Don't be like Al Gore who in 2005 bought a house near the coast not too long (one month) before his movie "An Inconvenient Truth" was shown at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. You would almost think he didn't believe his own predictions.

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