Saturday, October 10, 2009

Three Percenters

You may already know what an Oath Keeper is. But what is a Three Percenter?

Now, seeing the other tab and patch in the photo, you may ask “what is a three percenter?” The narrowest definition is that three percenters are hard-line gun owners who are done backing up and will not comply with more infringements of their right to bear arms. A broader definition would be that they are hard-line Americans who are done backing up and will not comply with further infringement of any of their rights. It also alludes to the three percent of the colonists who took to the field against the King during the Revolution, and the estimation that at least three percent of modern Americans will actively fight, if it comes to it, to preserve liberty. Read this essay for more explanation.

Oath Keepers and Three Percenters are separate groups, but it is not a surprise to see people who consider themselves both an Oath Keeper and a Three Percenter. If you read the supplied links you will see why.

While we Oath Keepers have a specialized mission of outreach to current serving, focused on the oath and on refusing to obey unlawful orders, there’s lots of common ground and shared commitment to the Republic among both groups. Go here to read what the Sipsey Street blog has to say about that.
Naturally the Three Percenters have a blog.

Backyard Conservative discusses Clarence Page and why Clarence thinks we are the enemy.
Clarence Page refers to us as "enemies". You know, usually we conservatives reserve that kind of language for those from overseas who are trying to kill us. But the Left, and let's include Page in that appellation now, calls citizens who object to corruption and criminality--including underage prostitution-- as "enemies". Let us note, a majority of Americans support stopping the funding, and of those who have been closely following the news, 80% recoil in revulsion at ACORN's activities.

But for Clarence Page and many on the Left, it's not my fellow Americans, it's my neighbors as enemies:
Yet, conservatives underestimate their successes in framing this debate long before Hannah put on her hot pants. Most ACORN coverage in major media has been overwhelmingly negative, according to a recently released study by Peter Dreier, a professor of politics at Occidental College, and Christopher R. Martin, a professor of journalism at University of Northern Iowa. Of the 647 newspaper and broadcast news stories about ACORN that they found in 2007 and 2008, most were on allegations of massive voter registration fraud against the organization.
And yet it took video to actually bring them down.

Clarence, I'd watch out if I was you. Your enemies are trained, armed and dangerous. And a lot of them have recent combat experience. In fact a lot of them will be coming home from Iraq in the next year or two. Do you really want to incite a civil war Mr. Page? You might want to look into the history of The Battle of Athens, Tennessee.
Two days before the election the GIs ran an advertisement in the Post-Athenian: “These young men fought and won a war for good government. They know what it takes and what it means to have a clean government—and they are energetic enough, honest enough and intelligent enough to give us good, clean government.” A couple of pages farther on, the Democrats had their say: “Look at the facts—and you will vote for the Democratic ticket. The campaign fight is as old as the hills—it is the story of the outs wanting back in.”

The next day, the paper reported that veterans from Blount County had offered to come help watch the polls. Mansfield began building an army of his own. “It has come to my attention,” he announced, “that certain elements intend to create a disturbance at and around the polls. … In order to see that law and order is maintained … I will have several hundred deputies patrolling the county.” He hired all of them from outside the county, some from out of state. They would crowd inside every voting precinct. And they would be armed.

August 1, 1946: Election Day found voters lined up early in the largest turnout in local history. Joining them were some three hundred of Sheriff Mansfield’s special deputies. Trouble began early. At 9:30 A.M. Walter Ellis, a legally appointed GI representative at the first precinct in the courthouse, was arrested and jailed for protesting irregularities.
There is way more. The short version? The veterans got into a fight with the Democrat Machine (sound familiar?) and routed them by force of arms.

Does Clarence - and the rest of the Democrat crew - really want to get into a fight with people determined to restore honest government? We shall see won't we?


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