Friday, July 24, 2009

Who Pays?

Neurosurgeons don't come cheap. Here is why.

When a neurosurgeon pays $200,000 a year for malpractice insurance before he even turns on the light in his office or hires his first nurse, who do you think pays? Patients, in higher doctor fees to cover the insurance.

And with jackpot justice that awards one claimant zillions while others get nothing -- and one-third of everything goes to the lawyers -- where do you think that money comes from? The insurance companies, who then pass it on to you in higher premiums.

But the greatest waste is the hidden cost of defensive medicine: tests and procedures that doctors order for no good reason other than to protect themselves from lawsuit. Every doctor knows, as I did when I practiced years ago, how much unnecessary medical cost is incurred with an eye not on medicine but on the law.

Tort reform would yield tens of billions in savings. Yet you cannot find it in the Democratic bills. And Obama breathed not a word about it in the full hour of his health care news conference. Why? No mystery. The Democrats are parasitically dependent on huge donations from trial lawyers.
Them Democrats only have your best interests at heart. Just ask their fund raisers.


Ms. Cris Ericson said...

(1) The Vermont Board of Medical Practice has raised the cost to patients in Vermont by forcing them to go to HMO's and the Vermont Board of Medical Practice has done this by driving family practice doctors out; and it is more expensive because the doctors who are allowed to stay in business are required to send chronic pain patients to specialty clinics that force patients to sign "contracts" and will not treat them if they dont'; and these "contracts" force patients to submit to humiliating and demeaning criminal probation procedures of drug urine testing the patients for illegal drugs, for which the doctors have no search warrants and no private right of action to charge these innocent disabled patients with a crime.

So, the COST of medical practice in Vermont goes higher and higher by invention of this type of specialty clinic and the associated UNNECESSARY TESTING!

Vermont News

2nd story: Vermont Board of Medical Practice Criminalizes Prescription Painkillers!

The Vermont News! website directly links to the Vermont Board of Medical Practice website where, if you search "actions" and click on 2009 and scroll down to In re Mitchel R. Miller, M.D.,
you will see that one of the filed documents is by Phil Ciotti, INVESTIGATOR, who claims that he told a patient THE STREET VALUE OF HER PRESCRIPTIONS, and allegedly, because he abused her by scaring her and frightening her, she allegedly agreed to give up taking prescription painkillers.

But for the fact that the Investigator for the Vermont Board of Medical Practice allegedly threatened and terrified a patient BY TELLING HER THE STREET VALUE OF HER PRESCRIPTIONS, she would not have agreed to stop taking them.


M. Simon said...


Yes it is.

You might find this site of interest:

Pain Relief Network