Thursday, July 09, 2009

Lefties Get Shorts In A Knot

After years of Bush=Hitler the lefties are all upset about this ad comparing Obama to Ahmadinejad. One other parallel they forgot to mention in the ad is people taking to the streets (Tea Parties). It is true that there is no violent suppression in America but otherwise it adds to the parallels. Hitler got about a 3 second mention in the ad while most of it is about Ahmadinejad and Iran.

Here is some left wing reaction to the video and the titles of the articles:

Daily KOS: New Rightwing Ad Campaign To Suggest Obama is Like Hitler

Right Wing Watch: Obama Worse Than Hitler And Ahmadinejad

Alternet: Right-Wing Group Goes off the Deep End, Plans to Air Obama/ Hitler Ads

Salon - War Room: Conservative group: Obama equals Ahmadinejad

The Raw Story: Group plans to launch ads comparing Obama to Hitler

The Village Voice: Rightwing PAC: Obama = Hitler

All very interesting. Hitler is only mentioned for a few seconds in the video. Does that mean some of these lefties think Ahmadinejad=Hitler? If that is the case why do they advocate making nice with the Iranian leader?

OTOH maybe they are so used to using Bush=Hitler that they just assumed their opposition would focus on that now that the tables are turned.

One thing for sure: none of the lefties refuted the points made by the ad. All of the points about the Obama proposals and actions are true. The parallels may or may not be artistic (political?) license but the list of things Obama plans, is doing, or his administration has suggested is absolutely true.

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rumcrook said...

I find it pretty amusing that leftwingers shouted like chicken little about bush being like hitler, but this guy has done more grand and fascistic things on a scale and scope that just is unbeleivable.

nationalizing industries!

hitler: yes obama:yes bush? no

circumventing the legislature on something completely outside of his constitutional responsiblities

hitler:yes obama: yes bush? No

making sympathetic cuase with other fascist totalatarian regimes around the globe and spurning free democratic countries?

hitler:yes obama: yes bush? no

trying to bring control of the census of the population under his exclusive control and his non governmental quasi political minions?

hitler:yes obama: yes bush?no