Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Anecdotal Evidence II

I was reading the comments at a Town Hall post and came across this one.

Recently, I stopped to grab lunch at sandwich shop/gas station. It was busy there so I parked in the hinterlands. While walking to the store I passed the gas pumps and I noticed a young black man about 30 splashing some gasoline on the side of his SUV. As I got closer I noticed that the man was stooped over and peeling the "Obama '08" decal off.

I couldn't resist. I asked him "how's that Hope & Change thing working out for you?". Half expecting an altercation he angrily looked up at me and yelled out "the mother f***** lied to us, he's ruined our economy", he's bowing to Saudi Kings, meeting with dictators, he's making speeches in Arab countries, he's apologizing to the world for America's deeds, and to top it off now he's making our soldiers mirandize the terrorists on the battlefield, he's a complete idiot, and now he's president".

He went on a total rant about Obama, citing a whole list of things that he felt was un-American and finished with "he's probably not even a native born American and not eligible to be president".

He went on to explain that he and others from the black community were lied to by the Democrats and were completely misled about Obama. He said "I'll never vote Democrat again", at which point I reached out shook his hand and said "welcome to the Republican Party". He said "thanks" and that many of his family, friends and acquaintances felt as he did.

He also said "we have also been misled about the Republicans, and were told that they didn't like Blacks which isn't true...it’s the Democrats that hold us back".

We parted friends.

I truly believe that "buyers remorse" is beginning to set in.
An isolated incident or the start of a trend? Hard to say. I await further developments.

One thing for sure, The Smartest President Ever™ is not as smart as he used to be.

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ZenDraken said...

Much as I want to see B.O. go away, (and I REALLY want that) I'd prefer it to be because of his actions in office rather than because of a paperwork technicality.

The birth certificate issue is a single-point failure which could be patched by a single change to the Constitution. B.O. needs to be kicked out on his own merits, permanently, with no chance of him *ever* being put back in office.