Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Playing To An Ever Shrinking Base

That is the analysis voiced in this video about the fall of the Republican Party and the rise of the independent voter. The Republicans are playing to an ever shrinking base. I covered this trend back in Nov. of 2008 - The Two Largest Political Parties. The trend appears to be accelerating.


RavingDave said...

I am a Republican, but I am ashamed and disgusted with them. When they managed to get into power, they acted exactly like the Democrats and started raiding the Public Piggy bank for pork.

When the problem is analyzed, the miscreants always turn out to be mostly the "squishies" and the "moderates."

I've said for years that I would prefer a Liberal Democrat to a wishy washy Republican. At least then we can draw a distinction.

The long overdue coming of reality is going to HURT.


M. Simon said...


And then you have socialists like Huckabee.

You can read more about his change of heart in my latest post.

The problem is none of the Party lived up to its principles of economic conservatism (which I believe is agreeable to many more than social conservatism). If the so called SoCon contingent were religious about their so called convictions we wouldn't be in this mess. When it was time to stand up and be counted they sat down and shut up to avoid rocking the boat.

The only votes Republicans can buy with tax money is votes for Democrats.

I will give Huckabee credit. Unlike most of the Party he knows which way the wind is blowing.

You will be glad to know Huckabee is moving in my direction. When he finally says something sensible about drug prohibition (allowing for med pot would be a start) it will be a sign that Republicans actually want to win national elections.

RavingDave said...

A lot of people voted for these Republicans (in 1994) thinking they were true believers and wouldn't backslide to Democrat ways. (Massive Pork Spending, etc.) Most people went to sleep (Politically) thinking they had solved the problem of runaway government by electing these people.

Little did they know that "the power of the dark side" was all too alluring, and was capable of changing the "reformers" into the same thing they were attempting to reform.

Well who would be immuned to the status and power of being an important Government official ?

The hard core believers.

I give you the example of My Senator Tom Coburn, of whom I am very proud.

The mushy squishes are far more willing to "evolve" into Governmental "Enablers" than are the hard core true believers.
These are the people we needed (I think it's too late now) to stop the train wreck.

After that we need Nationwide term limits. (to get people out of government before they are corrupted too much. )


M. Simon said...

Government will always be corrupt. Best if kept small and the corruption petty.