Monday, May 04, 2009

Obama - Guilty Until Proven Innocent

It is not Mr. Obama who will be guilty though. It is you. Obama has a plan to raise business taxes which I discussed in
The War On Business Continues. As part of that plan the rules of evidence for innocence and guilt will be changed. You will be guilty until you prove you are not.

Obama also planned to ask Congress to crack down on tax havens and implement a major shift in the way courts view guilt. Under Obama's proposal, Americans would have to prove they were not breaking U.S. tax laws by sending money to banks that don't cooperate with tax officials. It essentially would reverse the long-held assumption of innocence in U.S. courts.
Now suppose you have done nothing wrong? Where exactly will you be able to find the evidence?

I have heard that Mr. Obama is a Constitutional Scholar. Where is the evidence?

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Tom Cuddihy said...

Obama is indeed a constitutional scholar. "know your enemy", as Sun Tsu said. I no longer believe Obama's destructive policies are accidental and due to naivete--it's becoming clearer every day that he is walking a tightrope of destroying as much of America's traditional structure as he can get away with without causing excessive alarm.

Anonymous said...

Grumbling Repugnicans. You guys sound like dyed-in-the-wool executives. Like the pharaohs that promised all the laborers that their reward would be awaiting them in the afterlife.

Most large corporations have cashed in on offshore tax loopholes for much too long. They treat their workers like shit. Why do you Executives love to ship American jobs overseas?

Oh I forgot: Summer's almost here and you need new furniture for the yacht.

simentt said...

Hi 99,

Please consider where the money to pay for the increase in the sales-tax will be coming from.

If you don't see yourself as a seller, do you see yourself as a consumer? The seller does not have any money that he does not get from the consumer, and a sales-tax can only come from that transaction. Thus an increased sales-tax can only come from the consumers payments.

Obviously, the seller will need to have his expenses covered (if not, then he won't bother selling), so the only way an increase in sales-tax can be implemented is as a price-hike.

Thus while the tax itself is anti-business, the one paying it is the consumer.

It's you who won't get new furniture for your yacht this year, as you're the one who would be paying the sales tax, and holding the bag.


RavingDave said...

Years ago I recall reading a story about Johnson Controls's Battery manufacturing factory. It seems (fertile) women were not permitted to work in the battery factory because the owners were afraid they would be sued for birth defects by women who might come into contact with the lead used in the batteries. A bunch of women sued instead because they weren't allowed to work there. The company lost the case. Afterwards the company asked the Judge if the ruling grants them immunity from being sued for birth defects for these women who CHOOSE to work in the battery factory. The Judge said, no. They MUST let women work there, and they CAN be sued if any of the women have children with birth defects caused by lead.

The company's response ? They moved the factory to Mexico.

I would have done the same thing.


Susan's Husband said...

I prefer the term "War on Prosperity" because Obama is not just targeting business, but any place / group / organization that is prosperous and not under his control.

M. Simon said...

"War On Prosperity" it is.