Saturday, May 02, 2009

It Gave Me Hope

I think the moral of this story is: don't stand between old people and their medicine. Wait until word gets out that marijuana is Better Than Viagra. Well Viagra is a prescribable medicine. But Viagra can make you go blind. Going blind for sex seems to be rather a high price to pay. Marijuana has never made anyone go blind. In fact just the reverse. Regular use can prevent the effects of glaucoma. I can't wait until I'm old and tell my mate, "The doctor told me to smoke two of these and have sex." That is so 60s. Well, except for the doctor part. People in their 60s are returning to the 60s for their medicine. I just can't get the image out of my mind of a couple of crusty ones humping away to the smell of incense and the sound of The Doors' Light My Fire. "Honey could you turn on the black light and the strobe before we get started?"

Seriously. Multiple Sclerosis is no joke. And there are way too many anecdotes to pass off the evidence that marijuana helps as merely anecdotal. That it helps is not surprising. There is some evidence of as yet unnamed cannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system. And MS is a disease of the nerves. And cannabis plants are very good at manufacturing a whole host of cannabinoids. And they do it cheap. And they can be selectively bred to enhance the production of the desired cannabinoids.

The medical underground is going to have a significant role in the defeat of drug prohibition. The real question is why in America, the land of the free, is a medical underground even necessary? For a medicine safer than aspirin and as cheap to grow as hot house tomatoes.

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Micha Elyi said...

I'm tired of the "I gots a disease, gimme a doobie" scams. Yeah, I agree that stupid forms of anti-marijuana prohibitions contributed to the current sorry state of pharmaceutical laws regarding cannibinoids but since when is arguing two wrongs make a right (a) rational and (b) libertarian?

M. Simon said...

The CB1 receptor system is one of the most pervasive in the body and especially the brain. Is it any wonder that a drug that can fill those receptors is efficacious for a wide variety of disabilities?

And even supposing it is a scam - what is the harm?