Sunday, May 24, 2009

Energy Myths

Drew Thornley [pdf] has a look at what Americans believe about energy resources and production and what the real facts are. This one is my favorite:

Sixty-three percent of those surveyed believe that human activity is the greatest source of greenhouse gases. In fact, such emissions are significantly smaller than natural emissions. The burning of fossil fuels is responsible for just 3.27% of the carbon dioxide that enters the atmosphere each year, while the biosphere and oceans account for 55.28% and 41.46%, respectively.
Now I question his carrying out his results to four decimal places because I believe we would be lucky to know the numbers to two decimal places. But you get the idea. He gives more details in the whole report.

Here is one Congress should be paying attention to:
Additionally, considering the momentum behind renewable energies and carbon-emission regulation, it is noteworthy that almost half of respondents believe renewable-energy sources will not replace fossil fuels and uranium any time soon—91% of our electricity is generated by fossil fuels and uranium and the EIA projects that 85% of our electricity in 2030 will be generated by such fuels—and that a plurality (49%) do not think reducing carbon emissions will be simple or inexpensive.
He has way more. So you know. Go read the whole thing.

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