Saturday, October 04, 2008

Whose Sock Puppet Is Obama?

A number of people have noted that Obama was looking off to the left a lot in the first debate with McCain. One of them is A. J. Strata and he has a theory.
We seem to go round and round again these days on whether candidates have ear pieces (and these days they can be impossible to detect since some can simply be a patch or something near the ear). I think many pols are wired to a back room of puppeteers.
What is the evidence? Look at the above video in light of what A. J. has to say:
Watch it a couple of times as be pauses after his mangled line. He looks left for a split second, indicating which ear he is talking to. He is not talking to the audience, he is not looking at anyone in front of him. And he is totally ‘off the stage’ mentally when he is talking. So either he has a line to God, or he has an ear piece.
I don't think that is proof positive. It sure is interesting though and that is what I say.

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