Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scaring The Swingers

Even Howard Fineman gets it.

CHICAGO – Here’s my advice to Sen. Barack Obama’s supporters: Stop predicting that the Democrats will sweep into the White House and Congress come January with a mandate to expand Big Government.

That prospect, coupled with some of your candidate’s own tax and health-care plans, could scare swing voters you need next Tuesday.
I think it is already too late to unscare them. Such an effort might take a month or more. Obama only has 6 days. Call it The Joe The Plumber Effect. BTW Obama says taxes are only going up on those making over $250,000 a year (if you don't count the cancellation of the Bush tax cuts). Joe Biden says the real number is already at $150,000. And who knows. That number may go lower yet. The Democrats have lots of ideas that are going to cost real money. And fairness. Don't forget fairness. Even if it brings in less money.

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