Sunday, October 05, 2008

Lawyers Without Licenses

It seems like the Obamas paid a lot of money for law degrees and yet they no longer have licenses. That is kind of strange. Let us start with Barack and see if we can trace the demise of his law career.

Obama relinquished his Illinois law license in early 2007. Why would Obama give up something that provided his primary source of income and something he spent so much time and energy obtaining? Andy Martin filed a complaint in IL on March 13, 2007 stating that Obama had lied on his IL bar application. Obama had 17 outstanding traffic violations that he had failed to take care of. Mr. Martin discovered that Obama would not be prosecuted because he no longer had his law license. I contacted Andy Martin and this was his response:

“Nothing. Obama had already resigned as a lawyer and so they had no jurisdiction over him.”

“Not if they have lost jurisdiction over the individual. They can’t punish someone who has resigned, which is why so many corrupt lawyers in Illinois resign before they are disbarred.“
Well of course that isn't proof of anything except maybe law wasn't really what he wanted to do. Excepting for the time he represented ACORN in a voting access suit. Maybe now that he has those votes sewed up he is no longer interested in the law. Well, it is a theory.

So how about his esteemed wife Michelle. Our lady of the perpetual snarl. What ever happened to her career in the law?
A check of the State of Illinois Bar Association website shows no bar license for “Michelle Robinson” or “Michelle Obama”. It has been reported that Michelle Obama “voluntarily” gave up her law license in 1993, just five years after she got the license.

Why would a black woman who worked at a prestigious law firm in Chicago, who had graduated from one of the most prestigious law schools in the country, and who had endured the grueling task of sitting for the bar exam TWICE, then voluntarily give up her law license?

Many who have been admitted to the Bar go on to pursue other careers, but because of the process to get the law license, they usually maintain it in good standing. Barack Obama has placed his law license into “inactive” status since his campaign began.

While it has no bearing on Barack Obama, per se, it makes one very curious as to why this educated woman “voluntarily” gave up her law license!!
I'll bet that she couldn't keep up on the payments with her meager $300,000 a year salary from the University of Chicago Hospital. And Barry? Who needs to practice law when you are making them? No matter what happens to him next, he will never need a real job for the rest of his life. Especially if he gets that deal with free room and board Tony Rezko is apparently signed up for.

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clarice said...

Most bar associations have continuing education and pro bono requirements and that may explain Barack's going into "inactive" status for the moment. Michelle's decision has always been more problematic and inexplicable.

l said...

Slightly O/T. Does any one know the status if any of Dorhn's lawyer license or can one be a member of ABA without being a lawyer?