Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Joyce Likes Obama

That would be the Joyce Foundation. Mr. Obama was a director of the Joyce Foundation from 1994-2002. He probably never heard about their gun control efforts and for sure it never came up at board meetings. Besides, Mr. Obama has a new position to cover all that just in case anyone has any doubt. After all he "Always said...."

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has worked to assure uneasy gun owners that he believes the Constitution protects their rights and that he doesn’t want to take away their guns.

But before he became a national political figure, he sat on the board of a Chicago-based foundation that doled out at least nine grants totaling nearly $2.7 million to groups that advocated the opposite positions.

The foundation funded legal scholarship advancing the theory that the Second Amendment does not protect individual gun owners’ rights, as well as two groups that advocated handgun bans. And it paid to support a book called “Every Handgun Is Aimed at You: The Case for Banning Handguns.”
Some campaign guy goes on to make a weak apology to the effect that there is no conflict with Obama's real position on guns and his being a director of Joyce. Because, you know, all those other positions were just ruses to get elected, but my real position is my last one.

It is possible.

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