Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin Swimsuit Competition

I have some great pictures of the Sarah Palin swimsuit competition. They can be found by following the links provided to the Sarah Palin swimsuit competition. She looks really nice in the photos and I especially like the one with her in a Brazilian cut bikini. The micro bikini is really good too. So if you want to see more pictures of the Sarah Palin swimsuit competition you have come to the right place.

Here is Sarah Illustrated

And if you are wondering about the link have a look at the Sarah Palin swimsuit competition.

Also have a look at my annual July 4th Bikini Edition no pornography (some come close) just a lot of links to nice girls in American flag bikinis. Very patriotic.

Here is a link to Sara Palin in a bikini holding a rifle. There is a skinny guy in the background who is definitely not her husband. The original picture is one of the pictures featured in the July 4th Bikini Edition. Have a look.

There is a video of the Sarah Palin Swim Suit competition. Yes a Sara Palin swimsuit competition video. So here is the link to the Sarah Palin Swimsuit Competition Video

H/T Instapundit who has more on the Sarah Palin swimsuit competition.


dr kill said...

I think I'll resist. Nice try, though. Should find the hits from the Democrat wing of the Democrat Party increase, however.

Schratboy said...

You libtoids are a pathetic band of vipers.

jdwill said...

Heh ^2042 - or some power like that.

M. Simon said...

dr kill,

The hit counter has been going wild.

BTW follow the link.

Nds-Games.Info said...

actually i saw more pictures of Sarah Palin Swimsuit here.

looks so real. thanks

M. Simon said...


I had a link to that picture in my July 4th bikini edition.

Funny thing is it had a different face then.