Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Smarter Candidate

There is a poll out that states Republicans think Obama is smarter than McCain.

...troubling for Republicans is that the survey showed that party supporters think Obama is smarter than McCain.

"Despite facing candidates with far more experience in government, [Obama] was rated smartest by 26 percent of those polled, more so than Mrs. Clinton, who won 22 percent, and Mr. McCain, who garnered 17 percent," the Washington Times write Tuesday. "Mr. Huckabee, a former Arkansas governor, was fourth with 10 percent."
I'm a Republican who believes Obama is smarter than McCain. I'd put Obama in the too smart by half category.


kimsch said...

Hey, what with 57 states, presidential terms of 8-10 years, and everything else... I certainly think that my senators (an I'll include both of 'em) are NOT smarter than a fifth grader...

Foobarista said...

Painful experience over the years has taught me that wisdom is often far more valuable than raw intellectual power - especially in a decision-maker. Not that I think either Obama or McCain is a mental giant, but McCain definitely strikes me as the wiser one, with a far better tuned BS detector.

RavingDave said...

People lets get real. Obama is good at talking sh*t to guillable people. Unfortunately all too many americans are such shallow thinkers they buy his presentation and mistake it for intelligence. In the realm of ideas the man is an idiot. But at the one thing he is good at, he's better than McCain, and that is getting the dumber half of the population to vote for him.


M. Simon said...


We get the government we deserve. Sadly.